Wednesday, October 23, 2013

101 Font Book

Fonts subconsciously speak to the reader just as much as the words do. Certain fonts are easier to read so they are used in novels and newspaper, while some are more attention grabbing so they are used in ads and magazines. As a designer, it is important to know what my designs say to people. This is why we had to create a font book. The front cover is my first name and the back cover is my last name; both in my handwriting, as I think it expresses me the best. Inside I have a page for each letter of the alphabet, so that I may compare the different ways a letter can be expressed. In the back of the book, I have a few pages with particular fonts on them. I have a page of logos, decorative fonts, cursive, handwritten, script, sans script, and miscellaneous. This made me curious of how different people write; so I have a few pages of people signatures. Finally, I made a folder in the back so I could keep some loose paper in it because I practiced writing in different fonts. This project, though it appears random, actually is very useful. The things we create speak for us, so it is important that they say the right thing.

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