Wednesday, December 4, 2013

101 Final Exhibition Display

Included in my final display: name tag, fabric design, process design book, wood structure, font book, dance pattern and pictures, song pictures, poem, and music video poster.
I choose to include these pieces because they were all instillation of my song. I learned to create a story with just images with the video. I learned to think intuitively and find pictures. I learned to talk with our fonts and not just our words. I learned to draw what words represent with the poem. I learned about space with the dance. I learned about structures with the wood structure. I learned about patterns with the fabric design. 
Overall, I learned to explore intuitive ideas and create it with analytical logic. 

101 What I learned this semester is...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

101 Thinking

How would you describe the the relationship between intuitive thinking and analytical thinking?
I have discovered that they actually go together. Every thought starts intuitively. You must start with a feeling or sense that makes thoughts form in your head; only then are you able to analyze it. You can then dissect the thought so that you can see every aspects of your original thought.

101 Music Video
As a group, we had to pick a song and create a music video for it with a particular theme. Our theme was perception and how someone views things and other people based on experience.