Thursday, November 14, 2013

110 Clock Tower

The first picture of the clock tower is my favorite. I originally drew it with just lines. I did that so that I could make sure that the perspective was correct. Next I added value which was tricky with the lighting. Since it was morning, the sun was coming from the right, but the trees were creating a shadow from the right as well. In general I used the lines to create the value, as the lighting was tricky and relied heavily on trees.

110 Library

110 In class exercise pg.101

Friday, November 8, 2013


8. Allow yourself to wander aimlessly. Explore adjacencies. Lack Judgement. Postpone criticism.
22. Think with your mind. Forget technology. Creativity is not device-dependent.
33. Take field trips. The bandwidth of the world is greater than that of your TV set, or the internet, or even a totally immersive Interactive, dynamically rendered. Real time, computer graphic-simulated environment.

101 Wood Project Instillations