Monday, September 16, 2013

110 Drawing Practice

Drawing practice
Image 1&3: Show a pile of boxes drawn in perspective. In image 1 in the top drawing, shows the box in front drawn with good proportion and perspective. However the tall box in the back has a crooked foreshortening line that makes in look off. The bottom drawing of image 1 has a better perspective of the top of the box.
Image 2: Exercise 3.1 was to draw cubes and get used to the idea of  proportion. Number 7 is my favorite cube, as it is most proportionate and has good technique.
Image 4: Exercise 3.4 was to make a pyramid out of the cube, which required finding the center of one of the squares and using that point to project lines from it to the corners of the base. Exercise 3.5 was to make a cylinder or cone. That required finding the center of one square and drawing a circle, in perspective, in the opposite square. Number 2 and 4 are shaded for the full affect.
Image 5: We then had to draw a bottle using the box technique for exercise 3.6. This required making a smaller box inside the original to make the nose of the bottle and then projecting that square back to make the neck of the bottle. 

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